October 2022 – Preemie Professional Highlight

Selena Tisdale-Shaw
Founder of Eli Collins Foundation For Premature Babies

“Assisting One Preemie At A Time.” – Selena Tisdale-Shaw

PREEMIEWORLD: How long have you been working in your field?

SELENA: 6 years

PREEMIEWORLD: Why did you choose your current profession?

SELENA: After having my son at 23 weeks 6 days and traveling back & forth for five months to the NICU, after he met his demise it made me want to assist the families of Premature Babies.

PREEMIEWORLD: What do you want other professionals to know about what you do?

SELENA: We provide assistance to the families of Premature Babies while they’re in the NICU.
Such as: New Admittance Care Package, Gas/Food Cards, Discharge Packages, Burial Support, and Support Groups.

PREEMIEWORLD: What advice do you give to preemie parents?

SELENA: To try to remain positive and remember that your Preemie needs you to be strong for you and them both. If you have questions, ask. If you don’t understand something, please let it be known that you don’t. The most important thing is you being ok and being able to provide the nourishment needed.

PREEMIEWORLD: Fun Facts: Tell us a fun or quirky fact about you.

SELENA: I love to watch Law & Order SVU & eat sunflower seeds.

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