PreemiePro February 2020 Highlight: Sally Schoessler, MSEd, BSN, RN, AE-C

Sally has been working in her field for over 5 years and has vast experience working as a Speech-Language Pathologist/Neonatal Therapist.  Learn more about what a Speech Therapist does and how Sally works with preterm infants.

PREEMIEWORLD:  How long have you been working in your field?

SALLY: I have been working in my chosen field for over 25 years.

PREEMIEWORLD: Why did you choose your current profession?

SALLY: I believe that people can improve their own health outcomes when they have the right information delivered with care.

PREEMIEWORLD:  What do you want other professionals to know about what you do?

SALLY:  Much of my career has been in school nursing, working with children and families.  As an asthma educator, I have extended that work to patients of all ages to provide quality education and resources to asthma patients and their families.  Allergy & Asthma Network works tirelessly to end the needless death and suffering due to asthma, allergies and related conditions through outreach, education, advocacy and research.

“When families are aware of what asthma is, they can be engaged.  When they are provided with quality guidelines-based information, they become educated.  When they are engaged and educated, they become empowered to care for their asthma and live the healthiest life possible.”

PREEMIEWORLD: What advice do you give to preemie parents?

SALLY: The internet is filled with blogs and opinions that aren’t based on medical facts.  Look for guidelines-based information and develop a collaborative relationship with your baby’s medical team so that you can trust what they say and make decisions together for your child’s care.

Preterm babies are 50% more likely to develop asthma and those born 2-months premature are three times more likely to develop asthma – compared to full-term infants.  Try to stay calm. Life with a preemie can be like a roller coaster, but focus on what needs to be done for today – and there is always help and support available.

PREEMIEWORLD:  Fun Facts: Tell us a fun or quirky fact about you.

SALLY: I knew I wanted to be a nurse when I was just 6-years old!

PREEMIEWORLD:  Is there anything else you’d like to share with us?

SALLY: When my daughter was an infant, she struggled with asthma.  I remember many nights sleeping near her so I could hear her breathe.  She is now an adult and just completed running her first marathon – I wish there would have been a way to know then just how strong she would grow up to be.