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Game changer!  Our NICU Roadmap is a journal created by a former Neonatal Nurse Practitioner and the creator of Empowering NICU Parents, Nicole E. Nyberg.  This journal is filled with tools, knowledge, and the guidance and is the perfect resource for preemie parents in the NICU to help parents keep track of preemie’s pertinent information and helps parents advocate. – PreemieWorld

About Nicole E. Nyberg:

Working as a NICU nurse for over 10 years then as a Neonatal Nurse Practitioner, I have always been passionate about infants in the Neonatal Intensive Care and their families. But once I had my son at 23 weeks followed by a 91 day NICU stay, my passion for family-centered care and parental engagement increased significantly. Empowering NICU Parents was created with the goal to educate, empower, and support NICU Parents through social media, our website, the Empowering NICU Parents Podcast, public speaking, and most recently, our newly published NICU Journal, Our NICU Roadmap.

My vision for the journal stemmed from the lack of a comprehensive NICU journal available when our son was in the NICU and today. I wanted to develop a journal that not only was a great resource for parents, but also served as a place for them to document their baby’s progress each day while in the NICU. I found that although I knew the questions to ask, there was not an appropriate place to document all of the information I wanted to remember including information about my pregnancy, William’s delivery, and all of his achievements along the way, but especially his daily labs, ventilator changes, feedings, and the plan of care each day.

Ever since William was in the NICU, I have dreamt of creating this NICU journal. We want parents to become empowered so they can confidently become not only a part of their baby’s care team, but the most integral member. I strongly feel that it can be accomplished with tools, knowledge, and the guidance provided in our journal. I am so thrilled it is officially published and available to help other NICU parents during their NICU journey!

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