June 2022 – Preemie Genius

Little Ward Books – https://www.littlewardbooks.com/

Our NICU Journey

A beautifully illustrated children’s book and keepsake following NICU parents and their courageous preemies as they find the strength and perseverance to make it home. This book is written for the whole family and the illustrations are based on personal photos of a NICU family. This book is incredibly touching and the watercolor illustrations will resonate with preemie parents everywhere. What a lovely gift for NICU families, NICU grads and NICU professionals…all who are dedicated to the preemie community. – PreemieWorld

Father’s Day Giveaway!

PreemieWorld is giving away a free copy of this beautiful children’s book and keepsake. What a perfect way to celebrate a preemie dad and the preemie family!

Little Ward Books is providing free eBook download days on June18-19 on Amazon so that families in the NICU can get it to read bedside for free. Amazon Link: https://www.amazon.com/Our-NICU-Journey-Keepsake-Miracles/dp/B09LGNPBPV

About the Author:

Sarah is a mother to three who all experienced time in the NICU before coming home to thrive. She and her husband read to their children every day and provided them with a sense of productivity and peace. During their time in the NICU they found limited resources on both children’s books about the NICU and keepsakes for NICU babies. As an advocate for the NICU community, the Ward family hopes to encourage families on their own journey and help them have a precious memento to track their milestones and remember their care team who helped bring these miracles home.

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