April 2022 – Preemie Genius

Name of Organization : Dr. Noze Best
Year Established 2016
Type of Outreach National
Where do your Outreach Efforts Take Place? United States, (Domestic Only)
Website: www.drnozebest.com

The NozeBot:

The NozeBot is an electronic nasal suction device (no more manual mouth sucking!) for newborns, babies, and young children. The NozeBot is the only portable and rechargeable nasal aspirator on the market. It offers hospital-grade suction, dishwasher-safe parts, and superior hygiene and ease-of-use!

This is a much needed tool to add to your arsenal of baby products…especially during RSV/Flu/Cold season! – PreemieWorld

Organization Focus:

We offer our products to all children, and we are a company driven by having social impact. We support the preemie and Down syndrome communities as these are both populations we believe our product can help parents more effectively care for and treat their sick and congested children.

Background or Creation of Organization:

Dr. Steven Goudy, a pediatric ENT and father of 3, founded Dr. Noze Best and invented the NozeBot to address the pain points his patient’s parents expressed to him about nasal suctioning products. He once had a patient’s mom tell him at the hospital, “I don’t need you, I need that suctioning on the wall so I can take my baby home”. That was his lightbulb moment! Keeping nasal passages clear and unobstructed, especially when little ones are sick, is key to allow babies to breathe, sleep, and eat. Dr. Noze Best seeks to provide the best education and content for parents while offering best-in-class pediatric health and wellness products.

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