October 2021 – Preemie Genius

Sonia Smith
One NICU Mum
Website: www.onenicumum.com

Early Bird is an adorable book parents can read to their baby in the NICU. The colorful pages and simple rhyming makes the story fun and heartfelt. The last page of the book “About Me” is for parents to fill out and the book then turns into a beautiful keepsake making it an invaluable addition to any library.

About the Author: Sonia Smith – One NICU Mum was created after my personal experience in the neonatal unit. I found it very difficult to bond with my son as he was so critical and had difficulty finding others with hopeful stories. During the time my son was in the NICU I used to write to him. My book, Early Bird is one of those stories which I decided to bring to life. It follows the journey of a baby bluebird as it takes flight to show a glimpse of the world outside the window. It helps to encourage bonding with their newborn by providing parents a medium to help express words which may have come easier if a parent wasn’t in the neonatal unit. My hope is that my book helps other parents share an experience with their little one and express their love at a time when words may fail them. My goal with One NICU Mum is to share my art and help unite an amazing NICU community.

You can purchase a copy of Early Bird to own or gift from https://www.onenicumum.com/store-2.
You can find out more about me and my NICU journey at www.onenicumum.com.

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