November 2021 – Preemie Genius

Our Preemie Adventure

A picture book that shows the NICU experience from the eyes of preemie dad, Adam Wood. This easy-to-read story with illustrations that depict NICU life perfectly from isolettes, gavage feeding, bili lights and mom and dad lovingly looking down with pride and hope at their little preemie.

This is the perfect book to explain prematurity to older preemies. You can get your copy of “Our Preemie Adventure” on Amazon via Kindle, Hardcover or paperback.

About the Author:

Adam Wood is a retired Military Leader and first time author who lives in South Windsor, Connecticut. His passion for writing developed when his son was born premature at just 25-weeks, weighing 1 lbs, 4 oz. As he read books by many authors, he realized there were not many books that addressed the specific challenges their family faced. So he began writing, interviewing and chronicling the journey families go through in the NICU. He prefers to use heartwarming messages or humor to help convey to his readers messages of hope and common bonds. He currently is working on several other projects that will bring to life the experiences of families in the NICU and special needs children. Along with his work as an author; he sits on a variety of charitable boards and on the family advisor council at the hospital his son was born in.


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