December 2021 – Preemie Genius

“We Are Always With You: a love story for preemies and preemie parents”

If you are a preemie parent with an older preemie asking about his or her birth story, it may be a bit daunting and emotional for you to provide your birth story. Many preemie parents struggle with how best to tell the story, if they can tell it at all.

We Are Always with You is the perfect aid to help you share your birth story. It is written in a simple, understandable way that children will adore. It guides the reader on a journey that focuses on hope and love and is a gentle reminder that no matter what, preemie parents will always be there in the NICU…even if they can’t always be there physically which resonates with all preemie parents.

This book aids parents in teaching their children about resilience, strength, and overcoming challenges. It’s a book to help a child understand that he or she is a miracle and a fighter.

The watercolor illustrations provide gentle, light, and comforting pages mixed with realistic illustration styles portraying people and surroundings.

This is the perfect book to add to your child’s book collection and is a precious keepsake.

About the Author:

Dr. Deborah Simmons:

For 20 years, I have been a therapist specializing with people struggling with infertility, pregnancy loss, third party reproduction, premature delivery, and other reproductive complications. My practice is partners (in)fertility at I have written “We Are Always With You” for preemies and preemie parents. It is so difficult for preemie parents to tell their children about their early beginnings in the NICU. My book will help parents to tell the story from a place of love and healing.

I have a 26-weeker who spent 100 days in the NICU and a 35-weeker born after a cerclage and four months on pregnancy bedrest. These experiences led me to change my career path from legislative and policy work to specialized therapy. There were very few therapists specializing in reproductive complications at the time that my preemies were born. I wanted to offer support, professionally and personally, to people who were struggling just to have a healthy child.