November 2020 – Preemie Genius

NICU parents are the first to learn how easy it is to lose yourself in the process of caring for a sick baby in the NICU and beyond.

If you are finding yourself depleted of energy, overwhelmed and at a loss as to how to practice self-care, this book is a highly recommended read!

Leanne Rose Dorish is a preemie mom, trauma counselor and author of the book, Loving Myself Again, Self-care from A-Z After a NICU Stay.

Loving Myself Again reinvents what self-care looks like and helps you find ways to connect with yourself, even when times are chaotic.

This book gives you the foundation for taking care of yourself through:

  • Including 2 ideas for each letter of the alphabet
  • Providing a focused affirmation with each chapter
  • Simple tricks for implementing personal time
  • Envisioning your own care in a new light
  • Compassionate tactics for defeating emotional exhaustion

The alphabetized tips of self care and love is a fantastic tool for any parent that has gone through a NICU stay for any length of time with their new baby and the affirmations are perfect mantras that can be daily reminders to find ways to love yourself, be patient with yourself, rediscover who you are and to practice self-care.

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