July 2020 – Preemie Genius


The Moment You Were Born

A book to soothe both parents and the baby in the NICU.

The Moment You Were Born, a book by Sandra M. Lane, MA, SLP and Brenda S. Miles, PhD and illustrated by Shelly Hehenberger is a delightful piece of literature for preemie parents in the NICU and even at home.

Showing parents of various ethnic backgrounds against lush digitally created hand-painted textures and overlays, the text is soothing and calming for both parent and child. It is a perfect book to take to the NICU for regular reading time. It also serves as a reminder to parents who are waiting to hold the baby or waiting for the baby to come home.

The key, though, is that this book provides reminders to parents of the many ways they can connect with and support their baby when touch time is not possible.