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Breastfeeding mothers who are struggling with milk supply, clogged ducts or mastitis, or who want to pump more milk with more fat per session:

Introducing Nurture by Imalac – the next best thing to another set of hands!

The Nurture Breast Massager is a pump accessory that works with most standard breast pumps. The massager provides the benefits of hands-on pumping without the inconvenience of manual compression. With the Nurture’s adjustable settings, you can create the perfect massage that is proven to help you:

  • Pump more milk with more fat per session
  • Improve milk supply over time
  • Eliminate clogged ducts and Mastitis
  • Get relief from painful breast engorgement

How it works:

The Nurture Breast Massager includes:

  • Nurture bra – a comfy and attractive nursing and hands-free pumping bra
    uniquely designed to incorporate the Nurture massage components
  • Massage Cups – attachable cups that provide progressive motion compression
    massage while you pump. Simply slide the cups into the Nurture bra and attach
    to the control box with the modules when it’s time to pump.
  • Control box – With the Nurture control box, you can adjust the settings of your
    massage. Customize speed, pressure and hold time based on your needs.
  • Nurture Mobile App – with the free mobile app, you can connect to your control
    box and customize your setting right from your phone. You can also save
    settings for future use and track your pumping session and volume of milk
    expressed over time.

About Imalac:

As the creators of a brand new concept for breastfeeding and pumping mothers, we are focused on helping mother’s achieve their breastfeeding goals. While all babies can benefit from mom reaching the recommended exclusive breastfeeding milestone of 6 months by the American Academy of Pediatrics and the CDC, preterm infants along with their increased nutritional demands versus their full-term counterparts represents a significant opportunity for Imalac to make significant impact on the immediate and long-term health outcomes of these preemies and their mothers alike. Optimizing nutrition and weight gain in low birth weight infants and preemies consistently shows in the data to help prevent complications and improve cognitive outcomes. Because the Nurture Breast Massager helps moms who pump to express more milk, with greater fat content, and build their supply, these are even more critical benefits for the mom who is exclusively pumping for her preemie in the NICU as well as when they come home.

Timing really is everything when it comes to the inception of Imalac and creation of Nurture by Imalac. By a twist of fate, Mother/Daughter team, Noreen and Rachel, were both introduced to the concept of breast massage and hand expression for nursing mothers at the same time, yet under two completely separate circumstances.
Rachael, prior to becoming a Certified Lactation Counselor, was breastfeeding her first child and noticed that her results drastically increased when she manually massaged her breasts while using her breast pump. However, the process was leaving her hands tired, and it made pumping even more physically and emotionally demanding than it already was. She also became frustrated with her inability to multitask even though she was using a “hands-free” pumping bra.
Meanwhile, Noreen was involved with a Med Tech accelerator in Israel, where entrepreneurs were exploring the benefits of simulating hand expression while breast pumping and evaluating technology that could accomplish it; however, the concept was never commercialized.
When Rachael was about to have her second child, she approached her mother with the idea of joining forces to bring a product to market that would help nursing mothers improve their odds for success with a more positive pumping experience. Both women were inspired by their personal experiences as mothers and business development experts, and Nurture was born.

We have several programs:

  • First responder/health care heroes/military discounts: 30% off a Nurture Massager: To be eligible, send a snapshot of your ID (military id or other badge as proof) to and we’ll send a unique discount code to purchase on our website:
  • Professionals program: Special program for Lactation, Maternal Health, Pediatric and Breastfeeding professionals. Details can be found at:
  • Coming soon: Rental Program to help improve access to Nurture: Launching Aug 1st
  • Preemie World discount/Giveaway:  Use code: PREEMIE40 upon checkout and receive $40 off of your Nurture product.  Stay tuned on social media for a chance to win Nurture by Imalac!

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