PREEMIE UPDATE: Emma Bisset Reynoso

In our September edition of our Preemie Family newsletter we learned about Emma Bisset Reynoso, a 31-weeker who was 2 lb. 2 oz. at birth and spent 105 days in the NICU.

Read more in an update by her mother, Carrie.

by Carrie Reynoso, Emma’s Mother:

<em>Emma in the NICU</em>

While 26 weeks pregnant my husband and I traveled from my home in Miami to Orlando Florida to take my then 2 1/2 year old son to Disney World. During our last night stay, my water broke. I was rushed to Disney’s closest hospital and after several hours there and some tests, they decided to transfer me to another hospital which had a level 3 NICU.

I was on hospital bed rest for over 6 weeks (separated from my family and son) in Orlando. After my baby’s heart rate went into distress at 31 weeks and she was diagnosed with a congenital heart disease in utero, my doctor decided to do an emergency c-section (I was not awake to witness my daughter’s birth). When I woke up they wheeled me in to see my tiny baby. Emma weighed in at 2 lbs.

After a few days in the NICU in Orlando, a family friend who is an OB/GYN here in Miami helped in organizing Emma’s medivac-flight transfer back to Miami. She was flown home via helicopter in later April and remained in the NICU till later July, 2008. In August 2008 she had open heart surgery to help correct her heart condition known as TOF (Tetralogy of Fallot). Within a week she was home and ready to start full therapy! She went for 3 years to speech, physical and occupational therapy.

Emma is now 4 years old and is ready to start preschool in the fall. While she is still delayed in someways, she is a true fighter and always is determined to fit right in with the other children. She still has a long road ahead of her but we are here to support her and give her all that she needs.

<em>Andrew in the NICU</em>

Photo Credits: Carrie Reynoso

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