PREEMIE UPDATE: Dylan & Hayden

In our August edition of our Preemie Family newsletter we learned about 23-week, 6 day preemies Dylan and Hayden. Dylan was born at 1 lb 3 oz. and spent 119 days in the NICU before being discharged to home, Hayden was born at 1 lb 7 oz. and spent 109 days in the NICU before being discharged to home. Read more in an update by their mother and founder of The Potato Head Project, Kristin, below.   

by Kristin, Mom to Dylan & Hayden

Hayden (1)

 Hayden in the NICU

Girls 2 (1)

 Dylan in the NICU

Today the girls are almost 3 ½ years old. We have our daily obstacles and require more hospital stays than a typical 3 year old, but there is nothing typical about them and this is our life. They are thriving and we are constantly reminded how lucky we are to have them here. This experience is not one I would wish on my worst enemy. Watching your child struggle to live but fighting is both horrific and heroic. They are my heroes. The reason I exist. Since their birth we have started The Potato Head Project to bring awareness and HOPE to families who have gone through the birth of micro preemies.

The Girls Today!

                         The Girls Today

Photo Credits: A. DuChene, T. Lonksy & Potato Head Project 

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