Preemie IEP: What to do?

Pretty Girl Becky!

Becky is truly thriving in Kindergarten but appears to be having a problem with gross motor skills again. Apparently she failed all of the timed tests in Physical Education as I found out the other day in the Parent/Teacher Conference. I was surprised but not totally shocked. Becky has done this a number of times, but this time it might actually be more severe. We’ll see. The IEP (Individualized Education Plan) is up for re-evaluation and while I had pretty much assumed Becky would be dropped from the program, now I am not so sure. They are currently doing a Psychology, Cognitive and Social Work evaluation on her but I am now asking for a more concrete look at the motor skills again. I fully realize that Becky’s motor delay may not qualify her on the IEP front but that we may have to head toward private pediatric occupational therapy and also hippotherapy to help her with sensory and other issues. It still amazes me that her medical and developmental professionals told me early on that she would catch-up by age two. She is now 6 and we’ve been in every county program for special education. I really wish the NICU and pediatric professionals would say “should” catch up by age two and not assume that this will be the case.

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  1. i couldn’t agree more about the medical and developmental professionals being a bit naive about “outgrowing” certain preemie traits. we’ve been told the same over and over, and even assured that “he’s outgrown that by now” type of attitude. our 28weeker came through pretty much unscathed and we’re thankful everyday for that, but kindergarten has been a wake up call as it concerns some of his fine motor skills and other learning abilities. IEP was a new one for us!!

    thanks for all that you’ve done and continue to do Deb!

  2. Preemies and the School IEP….The data collected regarding preemies being caught up by age 2 must be based on 32 weekers and up. My son was a 24 weeker, unscathed except for left arm erb’s palsy (default dx as it happened at approx the 6th week in the NICU). He has ad an IEP since we graduated up from IFSP – WE fought the school to retain him in 1st grade – they gave in. Now he is in 2nd grade and they don’t see the need for an IEP. My arguement has been – this is the third time for the material – what happens when he gets new material???? I was told there was a federal law stating Preemies wewre entitled to an IEP up to the 8th grade – has anyone heard of this?

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