Preemie Freebies – May 2023

You told us, we heard you! PreemieWorld is working on a free gifts program for families in the NICU, preemie or not. Each month we will highlight trending topics around our community. – Jenny McCormick, Editor-in-Chief

This month is Mother’s Day and Parents of Preemies Day and we want to share free products and resources for our very special moms to make your month easier. YOU DESERVE IT!

Alliance for Black NICU Families: Free Elvie wearable breast pump for Black NICU Moms: The Alliance for Black NICU Families is providing wearable breast pumps (estimated value: $270). Contact the Alliance today!

Lily’s Hope: All Care Packages are free to families with premature babies either in the NICU or when they are being discharged. All Packages of Hope are customized to answer your family’s specific needs by providing items that will help during this time. Link:

GLO Preemies: Care packages, tangible products for mom and baby, support groups for NICU moms and much more! Link:

Graham’s Foundation: Care packages with essentials for mom in the NICU. Link:

Project Preemie: Project Preemie sends NICU Care Packages to families with babies in the NICU. Our free program gives families small comfort items such as journals, courage notes and more as they welcome a medically fragile baby into the world. These packages are meant for those families with their preemie currently in the NICU.

Want more resources? PreemieWorld has:

Preemie Directory: A global list of organizations and resources just for you, for FREE.
Freebies: Our FREE collection of printable freebies just for parents, professionals trying to help families in and out of the NICU and more.
PreemieWorld News our printable e-newsletter is FREE and each monthly edition is packed with information and support. Check out our archive here to see a sample edition.
Suggestions? Want to tell us about more resources we should get out there? Contact us.