Preemie Freebies – February 2023

You told us, we heard you!  PreemieWorld is working on a free gifts program for families in the NICU, preemie or not.  Each month we will highlight trending topics around our community.

This month we focus on Black History and the push for equalization.  Statistically, over 14% of Black women have premature births compared with 9% of white women. Characteristics like a mother’s health, education, and income account for less than half of the disparity, and researchers have long sought answers to further explain the gap. Growing evidence suggests that racism-related stress may contribute to premature births.

PreemieWorld is honored to have the privilege of supporting organizations that recognize the need to support Black mothers.  Here are Black-led organizations making a difference by providing support and free resources to the Black NICU community:

  • Alliance for Black NICU Families: FREE wearable breast pumps are available to Black NICU moms currently in the NICU or recently discharged.  Learn more: Free Breast Pumps – Alliance for Black NICU Families
  • GLO Preemies:  NICU Toolkits for Black NICU Families, 3-Step Program from the NICU to 18 years of age. Learn More:  GLO Preemies
  • My Kota Bear:  Free services and goods for the NICU families within the Essex and Warren Counties in New Jersey and surrounding areas.  Learn more:  My Kota Bear
  • Saul’s Light:  A New Orleans-based nonprofit that provides support and community to families with babies in the NICU – Financial & emotional NICU support, bereavement support, community connections.  Learn more: Saul’s Light

Want more resources? PreemieWorld has:

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