Preemie Freebies – August 2023

You told us, we heard you! PreemieWorld is working on a free gifts program for families in the NICU, preemie or not. Each month we will highlight trending topics around our community.

August is National Breastfeeding Awareness Month. Here are some resources and free products for lactating moms:

Alliance for Black NICU Families: The Alliance for Black NICU Families has a breast pump program designed to support Black moms in the NICU by providing FREE wearable breast pumps (valued at $270) packaged with resources and informative products. Black NICU moms can now self-refer. Click on the link to receive your breast pump today!
Aeroflow: You could call your insurance company and work through your healthcare provider, but there’s an even EASIER way! Aeroflow is a fantastic company that will do all the work for you – for FREE. They contact your insurance company and fill out all the required forms, saving you lots of time and hassles. Aeroflow Breastpumps works with most health insurance plans. Once approved, they’ll send the free breastpump straight to your door – free shipping included. How easy is that?
Link: Aeroflow submission
Nursing Pillow: Get a Free Breastfeeding Pillow (similar to a Boppy pillow) worth $39.95. You can choose from dozens of gorgeous prints! Use code: FREEBIES4BABY at checkout. The nursing pillow is free, you just pay for shipping.
Udder Covers: Nurse your baby discreetly with a FREE Udder Cover ($34.95 value). These breastfeeding covers are so stylish and super soft! Choose your favorite print and use code: FREEBIES4BABY to get a $35 discount. The subtotal will be $0.00. Then just pay for s&h.
Link: Breastfeeding Moms can get 10 Free Sets of Nursing Pads in their choice of adorable prints. These free breast pads are reusable. They’re made of 100% cotton and very comfortable. Just throw them in the wash and you’re good to go! The nursing pads are free, you just pay shipping. Use code: FREEBIES4BABY to get a $35 credit.
Amazon Prime: Amazon members can get a free baby box. The Amazon welcome box has over $35 worth of free baby stuff! Ex: Huggies diapers and wipes, a free baby blanket, Munchkin Latch nursing pads, Avent breast pad samples (1 set for Day + 1 set for Night), Avent breastfeeding guide, Pampers diapers, plus lots more baby samples.
Link: Amazon Welcome Box

Want more resources? PreemieWorld has:

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