PAID RESEARCH: Preemie Parent Opportunity

PreemieWorld was contacted by Christine Grippi, RN, MS, CNS seeking preemie parents for a research study.  
IMPORTANT NOTE:  The researcher is seeking families where the baby is within the first year after delivery.
Christine Grippi, RN, MS, CNS is a clinical nurse specialist who has worked in Peds/NICU for over 35 years and is interested in learning about what it is like for mothers after they take their premature infants home from the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) as part of my doctoral studies.  She has received IRB approval from both Adelphi University and Maimonides Medical Center to conduct this study and is looking to collect 150 packets by beginning of January 2018 at the latest.
This study is interested in collecting only from:
1.  Those who speak/read/write English and
2.  Live in the United States at this time.
Goal of Study:
This research will add to the body of knowledge regarding postpartum depressive symptoms and its relationship to resourcefulness in mothers of preterm infants. Some aspects of resourcefulness can be taught and/or supported to reduce depression in other populations and may be an important intervention for mothers of preterm infants after their baby’s discharge if found to have a similar relationship to depression and depressive symptoms.
While mothers who participate will not directly benefit from this study, Ms. Grippi is offering a $10 gift card (CVS or Rite-Aid Drugstore although that can be flexible based on area where the mother lives).
Contact for Enrollment: 
Christine Grippi, RN, MS, CNS