October 2021 – Preemie Organization

Yerik Israel Toney Foundation for Preemies INC
Founder: Sharon Toney-Finch
Established: 2016
Outreach: National
Website: https://www.yitfoundation.org/

Sharon Toney-Finch, Founder of Yerik Israel Toney Foundation for Preemies INC shares, “As a disabled veteran, I was told that I would not be able to have children. Yerik was our miracle baby who was born at 23 weeks gestation during the time when I was stationed in South Korea where there is not one NICU on any of the military posts there. Yerik was born at Samsung Hospital and survived for 7 months after birth. Still to this day, not many military posts have a NICU. NY does not have any military posts with a NICU.”

We help with transportation, medical bills, and supplies throughout the growth of the child. We also have a scholarship program for the preemies that we help.