July 2021 – Preemie Organization

Org: Parent Assist Link Solutions Corp
Established: 2020
Outreach: International
Website: https://parentassistlink.com

Lack of awareness about Developmental milestones & Early Intervention, denial, and stigma are a few of the key barriers in the identification and treatment of children in need of early intervention.

“Through my own family experiences with a premature niece, Autism and Schizophrenia, I know that early identification and intervention can hugely improve quality of life, for both the individual and their families, so these programs strike very close to home for me,” shares Madhu Vasudevan, Chief Operating Officer.

By adding avenues for parents to easily access this information, and making these access points highly visible, we could greatly improve the lives of many young children.

Our current tools are directed towards parents with children between the ages of 0-5.

These Digital Awareness Tools supplement all existing Child-Find processes and can be integrated into any existing systems. These interactive tools can be utilized through Amazon Alexa Voice, Website Chatbot, and SMS-Text. All of these bots have cutting-edge AI/Machine Learning technology behind them that enables them to perform a variety of different tasks. These tasks include: providing developmental milestones/signs of delay specific to each child and securely obtaining necessary child information for paperwork. We believe these tools can provide both crucial information that can greatly assist children, and a personalized experience that can greatly facilitate the stressful research process for parents.

Information provided complies with Health and Human Services and American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines.

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