September 2020 – preemiePRO Org

Organization: Project Baby Love
Founder: Ahnwyn Bowden
Outreach: International
Website: (Coming Soon!)

Ahnwyn Bowden, Founder & CEO of Project Baby Love states, I saw so many families struggling. Families who had other kids while trying to take care of a NICU baby. There were many families who didn’t speak English well. Though the NICU staff is amazing, there is only so much they can do.

I wanted these families to know that there are people to help them both while they are in the NICU and when they leave. I started Project Baby Love (PBL) to make that a reality

Project Baby Love focuses on all low income families with young children. However, we are especially passionate about helping NICU and BIPOC families as well as young mothers.

Follow us on our Instagram Page: @projectbabylove
We will hopefully be getting a new domain name soon,