November 2020 – preemiePRO Organization

Organization: Canadian Premature Babies Foundation
Founder: Katharina Staub
Outreach: Canada

Started in 2012, Canadian Premature Babies Foundation is the first national organization in Canada to support premature babies and their families. Katharina Staub, the founder, is a mother of premature twins, who had the vision to be the voice of premature babies and their families in Canada.

We acknowledge the hard work and tenacity of our Founder, Katharina Staub, for bringing our organization from a thought to reality. With Katharina’s leadership, Canadian Premature Babies Foundation has developed partnerships across the world, all with the common goal of advocating for and providing support to premature babies and their families.

Our advocacy work has included government action to influence public policy affecting premature babies and their families – such as Employment Insurance and Parental Leave. We have also provided balanced information and responses to ethical issues and continue to do so in our work.