September 2022 – Editor’s Note

PreemieWorld, LLC was created by preemie mom, Deb Discenza, who saw a need for better communication and support in the NICU.

PreemieWorld has been instrumental in building a strong community encouraging partnerships between NICU organizations, preemie families and NICU professionals. With many resources including the book, “The Preemie Parent’s Survival Guide to the NICU,” ( and a support group designed for preemie parents at all stages of the NICU journey, (, our goal is to provide parents and professionals with the tools to survive the NICU.

During NICU Awareness Month, AWARENESS is the key to strengthening our preemie community. It is a time to enlighten the masses by sharing our stories and it is also a time to show our appreciation to the many preemie professionals who tirelessly support us.

Parents & Professionals: we honor your dedication in caring for these tiny miracles.