May 2022 – Editor’s Note

Jenny R. McCormick, Senior Editor PreemieWorld

One of the hardest days for many women around the world is Mother’s Day. So many of our moms suffer greatly on this day due to miscarriage, infertility, stillborn birth, or tragically, not being able to bring their baby home from the NICU.

Every year on the first Sunday in May, International Bereaved Mother’s Day honors these mothers. How can we observe this day?

  • Please keep the mothers who are mourning the death of a child in your thoughts. Reach out and let them know they are seen and loved.
  • Offer a safe place for them to shed a tear, talk or reminisce.
  • Join a bereaved mother to put flowers on their child’s grave, polish their urn or light a candle in their memory.
  • Most importantly, SAY THEIR CHILD’S NAME! So many people fear that they’ll bring up the grief again, but most people who are grieving crave hearing that others remember the person they’ve lost.
  • Preemie Angel Wall: Share a special message on our remembrance wall.

This month PreemieWorld celebrates our fearless angel moms around the world. We see you. We love you. We are holding you in our hearts.