June 2021 – Editor’s Note

Jenny R. McCormick, Senior Editor PreemieWorld

Unlike a single-incident trauma, life in the NICU is a continuous series of traumas: a terrifying birthing experience, your baby’s fragile health, the stream of bad news about your baby’s health and future prognosis, and especially hard for parents – a sense of helplessness as a medical team of experts try to keep your child alive.

This month is PTSD Awareness Month. If you are a preemie mom experiencing PTSD, don’t be afraid to reach out and get the help you need. Peer support is also a useful tool. Join the Preemie Inspire Network led by PreemieWorld Founder, Deb Discenza. https://www.inspire.com/groups/preemie/

Dads of preemies may feel just as terrified and confused as their partners, but oftentimes they’re not encouraged to share these emotions. If you’re a preemie dad, learn more about Graham’s Foundation Preemie Parent Mentor Program for Dads: https://grahamsfoundation.org/preemie-parent-mentors/preemie-parent-mentor-profiles/preemie-dads/

We are all in this together. – Jenny