August 2021 – Editor’s Note

Jenny R. McCormick, Senior Editor, PreemieWorld

Preemie moms and NICU Professionals know firsthand the many challenges that come with breastfeeding a baby in the NICU. A preemie’s lack of muscle development, difficulty latching on, and the infamous “suck, swallow, and breath” is enough to stress a preemie mom out to no end. This month is
National Breastfeeding Month. Here are resources for breastfeeding preemie moms:
Positive Preemie Breastfeeding Tips – Download
this informative PreemieWorld Freebie with tips to breastfeeding in the NICU.
Helping My Very Tiny Baby Thrive – Tips on helping your preemie thrive with information on a human milk-based fortifier versus bovine-based

Remember, breastfeeding isn’t always easy and it isn’t just about putting your baby to breast. Pumping is still breastfeeding and just attempting to breastfeed IS breastfeeding! Hang in there!

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