April 2021 – Editor’s Note

April is Autism Awareness Month. Let’s talk statistics. According to Spectrum: “About 7 percent of children born preterm are autistic, compared with 1 to 2 percent of children in the general population.”

Prematurity can cause problems for babies throughout their lives such as long-term intellectual and developmental disabilities and problems with their lungs, brain, eyes and other organs.

Crystal Ball Health is working to create a preemie registry that will power the research to provide better patient outcomes – in the NICU, throughout childhood, and into the adult years with the hope to help former premature babies answer questions about their early births and inform their care long after they’ve left the NICU.

To date, there is no such registry in existence until now. Sign up to be a part of the research project and receive updates. Join the movement here: https://crystalballhealth.com/join/