June 2020- preemieFAMILY Support

Organization: NICU Healing
Founder: Kara Wahlin
Outreach: Online Support

The organizational focus of NICU Healing is simply to assist any and all parents of premature or medically complex babies. Clients currently in the NICU, after the NICU, and those who have been out of the NICU for years are all welcome for services. While it isn’t a specific focus of NICU Healing, families coping with loss are also encouraged to reach out.

Founder, Kara Wahlin was the mother to twin boys born at 26.6 weeks’ gestation in 2011. Her son William passed away after almost a week in the NICU, while Elliott remained in the NICU for 88 days. While Kara had been trained and practicing marriage and family therapy for almost 7 years at the time, she realized there was a huge lapse in mental health services for parents experiencing the trauma of the NICU, and made it her goal to create a resource for parents (after she had gone through her own healing).

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