March 2021 – Preemie Support Highlight

Support: NICU Baby Club
Founder: Natalie Ruiz
Year Established: 2019
Outreach: Edinburg, Texas (and expanding)

Our group offers support for parents of all preemies and NICU parents. We also showcase our NICU parents and their babies.

“I live in Edinburg, Texas and in December 2018 my baby was born premature due to preeclampsia. It was a traumatic birth with an emergency c-section and I hardly knew anyone who had a similar experience and felt a need to connect with anyone who had a similar situation as mine,” states Natalie Ruiz, Founder of NICU Baby Club.

It wasn’t until months later, while on Instagram that I found that there were preemie communities but none in my area. I created NICU BABY CLUB to tell moms not only in my area but everywhere online that we are here for support. They aren’t alone and sometimes parents connect and interact with each other because of our IG account and it is a lovely feeling.

In 2019 for my son’s 1st birthday with the help of family and friends we created 60 NICU BABY CLUB BAGS and donated them to the NICU where our baby stayed. Our goal for 2021 is to donate 100 bags. I’m so excited! We are also starting to branch out in donating to moms within our network. I hope we continue to grow and people see the love and dedication I have for our cause.

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