Live from the mixing studio – It’s Nicole!

Living in the sound mix studio for the past few days I have been sorely missing my little man and daughter, Gabrielle. When I straggled in the other night, Zel, the nurse who has been with Nicholas since he came home from the hospital told me exciting news. Apparently at school they have given Nicholas a light box for reading letters and such.They asked him to spell the colors, just to see what he would do. He proceeded to spell red, green, blue and purple. I was just stunned. He lets us know every day, all the ways in which he sees and knows the world. Only it is on his time schedule. It still makes me smile during the long hours in the studio.

Also, wanting to thank everyone who has been writing in and making such lovely comments about Nicholas and the movie. Poor Deb has been holding down the fort on her own as I have been in never-ending post production on Elena Undone. She is amazing!!