February 2021 – Support Highlight

Organization: Ke’Niya Speaks Foundation, Inc.
Founder: Selina Hodge
Founded: 2002
Outreach: Florida, USA
Website: www.keniyaspeaks.org

Ke’Niya Speaks Foundation, Inc. is a nonprofit organization established in memory of my daughter, Ke’Niya Ealey. I gave birth prematurely at 25 weeks and 4 days. Our Preemie Princess passed away in the NICU, at 4 months and 1 day, just days before she was scheduled to be released to come home. Ke’Niya’s death was unexpected, and from that day until now, our lives were changed forever.

Our main mission is to raise awareness and educate the community on how important prematurity is.

Ke’Niya’s Foundation will also be a support system to parents that are going through the same difficult situation.

“Love on your babies’‘ is our motto for Ke’Niya’s Speaks Foundation. We wish we knew that February 7, 2018 would be the last day we would get to love on our Ke’Niya.

Ke’Niya Speaks will provide services and resources for individuals and families that have been impacted by the birth of a premature baby as well as individuals and families that have been impacted by the chronic illness of kidney disease.

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