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Jeff Lefko Books was founded by Jeffrey J. Lefko, who has combined a long-standing professional healthcare management career with a passion for writing engaging and thoughtful children’s stories. All of these stories offer special messages and meanings- with themes ranging from improving good health and wellness, discovering real friendships, enhancing relationships, and fostering conservation by caring for the planet.

Jeff Lefko Books speak to virtually every child and family. Jeff Lefko Books have been successfully customized and branded by several healthcare organizations and providers to specifically address maternal and childcare initiatives and deliver valuable health information, all focused on a variety of prenatal and postpartum management and everyday health.


Jeff Lefko’s own story for writing children’s stories started on the night when he was a child himself. His younger 21-month-old sister Linda Ann passed away that night. She was delivered prematurely and unfortunately experienced an accidental mishap during childbirth which resulted in her suffering severe mental and physical developmental problems. She never fully developed and died in the same hospital after not being able to withstand a long viral infection and illness.

The effects of Jeff’s sister’s passing were devastating on his parents. At that time in the 50’s-60’s, the resources to help people who were going through similar grieving experiences were not readily available as they are today. Jeff’s memories of those days were also filled with sadness and loss but with vivid memories of one thing. It was a book that his parents treasured and from which they sought comfort and solace. This was a book written by Dale Evans and Roy Rogers, icons at that time known for entertaining millions of people throughout the world. The book was entitled Angel Unaware written about Robin, their young daughter who passed away at about the exact same age as Jeff’s sister. Robin was also severely mentally and physically challenged. As no one else or nothing else could help them, Jeff’s parents related immediately to their experiences and what they were going through.

They kept reading this book over and over again. Over time, it was that book that got Jeff’s parents through those challenging times since it was so relatable to them and so meaningful.

Later in Jeff’s life, those memories of the events surrounding his sister’s passing as well as the impact of that one storytelling book stayed with him through his formative, educational, and professional years. This included his 40 plus years of experience in working in hospitals and healthcare organizations throughout the country in planning new healthcare services and programs to meet the needs of the communities they serve.

He has never lost sight of the impact of what a good and impactful story can do in helping people through challenging physical and mental conditions and situations.


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