April 2021 – Preemie Support

Organization: GLO Preemies™
Founder: Ashley Randolph
Established: 2014
Website: https://GloPreemies.org

“No matter which way the wheel spins, GLO Preemies will be here to support you every step of the way.” – Ashley Randolph, President & Founder, GLO Preemies

GLO Preemies™ seeks to raise the voice of black families in the NICU and post-NICU in terms of creating racial and health equity through policy advocacy, professional educational initiatives, family educational initiatives, family support up for African American families for continuous 18 years and public outreach for assistance.

About the Founder:

Ashley Randolph saw a strong need to change the conversation when it comes to how Black NICU Families are treated in the NICU, at home and in school. Systemic racism is prevalent in every setting for these families and sets the stage for a vulnerable infant to grow into a child witnessing healthcare, therapeutic and educational environments that are inadequate in terms of racial and healthy equity. Ashley is the African-American
mother of 3 preemies, founder of GLO Preemies™ (www.GloPreemies.org), co-Founder of the Alliance for Black NICU Families and Advisory Board Member to California Perinatal Quality Care Collaborative. She was Mrs. California United America in 2018 -2020 and is
currently Mrs. California Virtuous Woman. She is the author of her autobiography Black, Pregnant, and Shamed, about her experiences with her 3 high-risk pregnancies and
NICU births. It is her mission to provide continuous and complete family centered care to African-American families in low income communities.

Programs and Goals:

● To collaborate with local and nationwide organizations and businesses to provide support services and healthy foods to the vulnerable communities in Maryland and Virginia and move to other vulnerable communities in other parts of the United States.
● Annual Virtual NICU Family Conference.
● To create and support families with the 3 step program that will help and support families in the Black community with a baby in the NICU until post-NICU up to age 18. For example:
○ Glo Babies NICU Care Packages: Packages with items for baby and family and educational and advocacy materials.
○ Tangible Resources for Access: We look to provide practical necessities for families that need help. Applicants apply for support for specialty medical care, therapies/equipment, transportation, mental health           counseling and career support, Doula services, and more.
○ Advocacy Assistance: Providing advocacy services for Black NICU families trying to navigate challenges in the healthcare and therapeutic and educational arena in the NICU and/or post-NICU up to age 18.
Tutoring Services: Tutoring services are offered to African American NICU parents who have a child that is a sibling of a child currently in the NICU and to the NICU child during their school aged years up until the age of 18.
Education: To provide Black NICU families with educational materials that contain an 18-year plan to support them in not just surviving the NICU, but also thriving beyond.
Mobile NICU CITY Bus: A mobile bus that provides the 3 step program to families in vulnerable communities. African-American families will be able to purchase 65 points worth of household and baby item necessities after each home visitation appointment.
Safe Sleep For Preemie: To provide a safe sleep environment for NICU children. African-American NICU families will have the opportunity to earn 200 points to qualify for a free crib through various workshops and activities.
NICU CITY: A healthcare city that provides the 3 step program to families in vulnerable communities. NICU CITY will provide a pregnancy and birth center, pediatric clinic, short and long term housing for NICU Families, kids gym for siblings, and specialty programs to reduce the risk of unexpected pregnancies within the next 3 years following a birth.