Free GIFT for Preemie Parents in the NICU

Back when Nicole and first conceived and wrote our book, The Preemie Parent’s Survival Guide to the NICU we found ourselves wanting to provide something to new parents that would help them in those first few hours and days and weeks of preemie parenting. We wanted to tell them all of the things we would have liked to have known to calm ourselves down in those stressful moments. And so we created “The Top 10 Things Preemie Parents Need to Know Right Now” that was originally supposed to be part of the book. Instead we have decided to have it as our “baby shower” gift to new preemie parents.

Check it out here along with our other freebie downloads – pass it on!:

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  1. Prayers for Jaxen! Aydree and her husband Javi were visiting their family for Thanksgiving. They went to the hospital just thinking she was having problems with her then incompatibility.. During the check is where they discovered she was dialated to a 6.. The doctors and nurses tried to stop her labor the seizure came when they found they couldn’t and she was so scared rate he was coming so early. she ended up having her baby on the eve of Thanksgiving at 4:20 AM she was only 24 weeks and five days pregnant with her first baby. He weighs 1 lb. 6 oz. and he’s 12 3/4 in long. Please please keep his family in your prayers during this rough time we do have a very strong family and I know that we can get a prayer chain going. Such a beautiful family and daddy is serving our country this is so unfortunate.

  2. Aaron, As the parent of a 30 weeker myself, I send Aiden and his entire family tons of strength and hope. Please feel free to sign up for the Inspire Preemie Community ( that I lead that has over 33,000 parents of preemies on it from around the world. You are not alone at all. We welcome you. And also reach out to us here at PreemieWorld through our contact us form for any other questions, etc. Hugs to you . . . – Deb Discenza, PreemieWorld

  3. I have a little preemie myself. He was born yesterday 01/27/2021. He’s doing good but we both have a very long road ahead of us.

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