May 2021 – Preemie Support

Support: Free2Read Education Recovery Services
Founder: Necole McRae
Established: 2018
Outreach: National

Free2Read is an organization for preemies of any gestation. We recognize the strength and courage it’s taken for you and your child to get this far. We would like to educationally support your child.

In 2009 Ms. McRae gave birth to a preemie girl, who presented with several medical issues. In 2016 after her daughter was put on medical leave for over 2 months to recover from an illness. Ms. McRae was left scrambling to help her child keep up in school. While the medical professionals aided in her daughters healing no one addressed the educational slide that was occurring. So began Free2Read and healing beyond the hospital.

Free2Read is an educational recovery service provided to all school aged students ages 5-18. We specialize in tutoring services for preemie grads and students who are currently on medical leave or those recently returning. It’s hard enough to keep your focus on being a parent, even more so when the resources you need are not readily available. It takes a special skill to teach with empathy and understanding. There is no reason why your child can’t continue to learn while on medical leave, let us help you.

An educator for over 10 years, Ms. McRae holds degrees in Anthropology and Health Services. She is a member of the American Anthropological Association, former CDF-Freedom Schools teacher and reading specialist.

We offer special rates for preemie grads!! –