October 2022 – Preemie Organization

Org: Build You Up Sisters
Established: 2019
Outreach: National
Website: https://byusisters.buildyouup.org/

Build You Up Sisters focuses primarily on amplifying and supporting women on a national level but would like to broaden the reach as “Strong Faith” has made it’s way to Europe and Africa.

We support women and we support families with preemie and/or NICU experiences.

Build You Up Sisters (BYUS) was created after our founder, Jamie Johnson, published “Strong Faith” as a tool to offer encouragement and support to moms and families of premature babies and NICU experiences. It then evolved to include ways to support women in unearthing and nurturing their purpose through programs and partnerships.

We are donating 15% of “Strong Faith” and “Una Fe Poderosa” book sales to NICU-supporting organizations.