March 2020 Support: Bennett’s NICU Boxes

Being a NICU parent is hard.  Mentally, emotionally, physically and financially.

My name is Lauren and I am a NICU mom and Founder of Bennett’s NICU Boxes.  Our group is focused on providing support to parents/families with infants in the NICUs, regardless of the infant’s diagnosis.

My son, Bennett, was born with a Septal Defect (ASD) also known as a hole in his heart, an irregular heart rhythm, jaundice and he couldn’t self-regulate his sugar levels.  I got to hold him once, for less than a minute in the first 12-hours of his life. Eventually, Bennett was even declared “Failure to Thrive” due to extreme weight loss.

In 2019, to celebrate Bennett’s second birthday, we created Bennett’s NICU Boxes.  With overwhelming support, we were able to deliver care packages to all the babies at Credit Valley Hospital, TWICE!


  • Cash donations to help fill our packages
  • Donations of the items themselves (in multiples of 70)
  • Current needs:  Boxes, protein bars, reading materials, gift cards/prepaid credit cards, gift certificates for take out/delivery meals, reusable water bottles, lactation supplies and more

To donate or sponsor, please reach out to

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