Free Gifts for Preemie Families and NICU Families, Edition #1

You told us, we heard you!  PreemieWorld is working on a free gifts program for families in the NICU, preemie or not.  Each month we will highlight trending topics around our community. This month we focus on World Braille Day and the fact that our community sees many patient families working through various forms of blindness.  For families of preemies … Read More

iCAN: Deb Goes to France

Oui Oui!  I didn’t get send a postcard so this blog post will have to do!  Last month I had the honor of attending the International Children’s Advisory Network (iCAN) summit in Lyon France with my colleague and good friend and multiple time author, Parent Leader and Patient Advocate, Jennifer Degl.  As newly appointed Co-Leaders of the expanded iCAN Parent … Read More

Soothie Pacifier Addiction in Your Preemie?

Becky was addicted to the Soothie pacifiers in the NICU.  Seriously, she was hooked completely to the point that when we got her home I had to purchase them in bulk from a company that originally made them – Children’s Medical Ventures that is now owned by Phillips.  And when the teeth came in I had to move to purchase … Read More