September 2020 – After the NICU

Jenny R. McCormick

Each September we celebrate NICU Awareness.  NICU Awareness Month is designed to honor NICU professionals and NICU families.  It is also our time to give hope to families who are currently experiencing a stay in the NICU with a critically ill infant.  Here are some ways we can celebrate NICU Awareness Month:

  • Recognize NICU Staff:  Was there a special NICU nurse, doctor or professional who helped you through your NICU stay?  Let them know how special they are! Write a note, send an email or a heartfelt card and tell them that they made a difference in your baby’s life.
  • Post on social media:  Give hope to the many families in the NICU by posting positive messages and remind them that they are not alone.  Give props to your favorite NICU nurse with a message of thanks! Also, don’t forget to tag @PreemieWorld on Instagram and proudly share your little miracles with our community!
  • Share your story:  Unless you’ve experienced it, the NICU isn’t something most parents are familiar with. Educate them!  Your story is inspiring! Spread education, awareness and hope by sharing your story.
  • Join a preemie support community:  Caring for a preemie doesn’t always end in the NICU. The residual effects of prematurity are oftentimes lifelong.  Join a community of supporters who understand this and parents who can relate.  Inspire and be inspired! Most importantly, don’t do this alone.
  • NICU families:  Do you know a family experiencing a NICU stay? Show some love!  Reach out to them.  Send them a supportive note or giftcard for coffee or a meal.  Continue to give them hope and support by being a listening ear.