May 2020 – After the NICU

How to Celebrate Mother’s Day While Social Distancing
Jenny R. McCormick

Let’s face it: Social distancing has made celebrating special occasions with friends and family very difficult. Honoring Mother’s Day this year will look quite different, but it shouldn’t be missed! Here are some tips for celebrating Mother’s Day from a safe and healthy distance:

  • Schedule a Video Call Date: Set up a Zoom or Facetime call with your mom and siblings. Try printing out lots of pictures of mom and set them up around you while you video chat. It won’t be the same as seeing your mom in person but there will be an element of excitement, particularly for the kids.
  • A No-Chores Hall Pass: Request to spend the day lounging around and enjoying the kids without the burden of dishes, laundry and cooking. Let others look after it for one day.
  • Home Spa Day: Request 1-2 hours of alone time. Run a bath, read a book or Netflix binge with a cup of coffee and your favorite bar of chocolate. The rules are: Nobody can access you during home Spa time!
  • Craft Time: Let the kiddos draw pictures and create easy crafts that they can display in different rooms so they can take you to an “art exhibit.”
  • Send a Silly Video: Record a clip of you singing mom’s favorite song or just a heartfelt message listing her best qualities. Grandmothers will also want to see their grandkids so don’t forget to include them in the video.
    Window Visits: If your mother lives close by, consider dropping by for a window visit. Six feet away may seem very far but mom will be happy just to see your face.
  • Snail Mail: This may seem like an outdated method of communication, but handwritten letters, cards and drawings bring so much cheer.
  • Dads! Get Involved: Help your kiddos create cards, homemade gifts and special videos to give to mom. Another idea is creating a photo collage or video to post on social media with a special shout out to your parenting partner.
  • Reach Out to NICU Moms: If you know a mom in the NICU then you remember what Mother’s Day is like for them. Reach out to them and maybe send them a meal, a coffee card or even just a heartfelt text.
  • All Moms Deserve a Special Day: If you know a single or solo mom (or dad in both roles), many times their kids are too young to buy or make gifts on their own. Reach out to them and make sure they feel loved as well.

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