A Special Present for Preemie Parents

I decided to release this special downloadable PDF on the last day of Prematurity Awareness Month of 2010 because I wanted it to carry on the message that having a preemie doesn’t stop with a particular hour, day, month or even year. The issues that preemie parents face in the light of their child’s NICU stay, homecoming and the post-NICU years are sometimes tough. And while Preemie Parents show that they are the toughest of the tough, it is because sometimes others don’t realize the emotions they have had to walk around with for those hours, days, weeks, months and years.

But one thing endures – the love of their child.

Let’s celebrate these amazing babies, this very special month and honor those very special parents. They deserve our respect for they are doing the really hard work of helping a special needs child thrive in a world where special needs “anything” is not always accepted.

The babies are heroes. The parents are heroes, too.

The file is called “Life as A Preemie Parent” and it can be found here with other free downloads at https://preemieworld.com/blog/?page_id=528