August 2021 – After the NICU

Breastfeeding for preemie moms isn’t just hard in the NICU but it can even translate over into the post-NICU journey. As you are surrounded by moms putting their babies to breast with ease, your breastfeeding journey may look much different. It may be exclusively pumping around the clock or having no milk at all. Let go of the guilt and … Read More

August 2021 – Editor’s Note

Preemie moms and NICU Professionals know firsthand the many challenges that come with breastfeeding a baby in the NICU. A preemie’s lack of muscle development, difficulty latching on, and the infamous “suck, swallow, and breath” is enough to stress a preemie mom out to no end. This month is National Breastfeeding Month. Here are resources for breastfeeding preemie moms: • … Read More

From Heart to Sole Survey

You are invited to participate in a research study “From Heart to Sole” that looks at children with congenital heart disease or defects (heart problems they were born with) and the possible connection with a certain type of crease pattern on the bottom of the foot. The objectives of the study are to determine: A. If children who have been … Read More