Racial and Health Equity: Key Pieces to the NICU Puzzle and Long Term Outcomes

As an advocate in the preemie community I have supported families across the world on every continent. The ones at highest risk?  African Americans.  The biggest obstacles to getting equal treatment, equal help?  African Americans.  Equality in the United States has a long way to go and with the African American community at highest risk for premature birth, we have … Read More

September 2020 – Industry News

Industry News: Kidney Dysfunction Before Pregnancy Linked to Preterm Birth – http://preemie.us/KidneyDysfunction Louisiana hospital staff stayed behind to care for 19 babies as Hurricane Laura hit- http://preemie.us/HurricaneLaura Discriminatory Housing Practices Tied to Premature Births – http://preemie.us/DiscriminatoryHousing The “gold” in breast milk – http://preemie.us/BreastMilk

September 2020 – Preemie of the Month

Rowan Cummings As told by: Meghan Cummings “All I ever felt was pain, but I think I am going to remember the smiles instead.” I am proud of my body, for it carried my baby as long as it could. As a mother, your child’s pain hurts more than your own and you will do anything to preserve their purity … Read More