September 2020 – preemiePRO Highlight

Kimberly Novod, MPA Founder and Executive Director, Saul’s Light “Women and children face the greatest risk of poverty. It’s up to us to change that.” – Kimberly Novod PREEMIEWORLD: How long have you been working in your field? KIMBERLY: 6 years PREEMIEWORLD: Why did you choose your current profession? KIMBERLY: My profession chose me. I had been an educator for … Read More

Solo Parenting a Special Needs Child in the Midst of a Pandemic

I’m going to be very honest with you: I’m starting this blog by admitting, there’s been a lot of frozen pizzas, cereal for dinner, ice cream for breakfast and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse marathons around here as I’m learning to embrace imperfect parenting. – Jenny McCormick Having gone through 129 days in the NICU with my former 26-week micro-preemie wasn’t only … Read More