To all the many wonderful people who have written us by email, FB, twitter and letter… My “little man”… Ten years later Nicholas is TEN! First of all I thank my God and Nicholas’ for the course of his destiny that I get to say it’s Nicholas’ TENTH birthday on the 15th of March! Our lives have all been so … Read More

“Little Man” Now on Amazon for Download

Thank you to EVERYONE for your ongoing support of “little man” ( – even years later we STILL get a lot of fan mail. I am excited to announce our new partnership with Wolfe Video to help promote and distribute the personal edition of “little man” electronically and more. You can find it on Amazon here:′

IMPORTANT: Preemie MOM Survey!

Working with the Inspire management team, the Inspire Preemie Support Community ( is conducting a special survey to gather data about the frequency and the effect of insensitive comments regarding preemies by people in the public as well as family/friends, etc. This survey is only for preemie Moms. We are hoping to have a separate survey for Dads and others … Read More