A Standing Ovation for Amanda & Family

We are honored to include the very eloquent (and wise beyond her years) Amanda Fleming’s letter in this post.  After watching “little man” she was moved to connect with Nicole and tell her 10-year old brother Shel’s story.  Amanda, we give you a virtual STANDING OVATION for sticking by your brother and your parents through this very tough journey as … Read More

PREEMIE UPDATE: Kylie Pelleymounter

In our June edition of our Preemie Family newsletter we learned about precious Kylie Pelleymounter born at 23 weeks at 1 lb 2 oz. In celebrating Father’s Day, her father Josh shares with us an update on her at now at 2.5 years old. by Josh Pelleymounter, Kylie’s Father: Kylie’s NICU journey showed what an absolutely amazing fighter she is … Read More

US vs. UK blog post about our family experiences in the NICU/SCBU

Hi Everyone, I am excited to introduce Nigel from the UK, a Preemie Dad. We are doing a US vs. UK blog post about our family experiences in the NICU/SCBU. Enjoy! Intro (Child’s first name, gestational age at birth, weight, length and complications plus length of stay in intensive care) Deb: My daughter is Rebecca Discenza, also known as Becky. … Read More