Preemie Genius: Elva Senses’ Sensory Octopus Toy

  Every NICU parent wants to soothe and stimulate her newborn while adhering to unit rules, bacteria concerns and little storage.  Enter the ELVA SENSES Octopus created in Paris, France. With the handmade octopi craze, people everywhere are bringing these items into NICUs in the hopes of helping babies.  ELVA SENSES owner, Pernille Brostrup herself was fascinated and was in … Read More

January 2020 A Note from Deb

We are starting 2020 PreemieWorld Strong! Check out the totally revamped PreemieWorld website: Our free newsletters are now subscription only. PreemieFAMILY: PreemiePRO: Preemie Crystal Ball, a preemie registry from birth into the geriatric years is in the works. We have formed Crystal Ball Health, LLC. Join the movement:  Our flagship product, The Preemie Parent’s Survival Guide … Read More

January 2020 Preemie Tags

Amelia was born at 24-weeks gestation, weighing 1 lb, 1 oz. Eduardo, Amelia’s daddy, tells us that she is doing well. Amelia is still on O2, down to .5 liters and doing two PO feeds/shift. She is very close to going home!