The Benefits of Early Intervention

One of the biggest misconceptions is that premature babies “overcome” their early birth and are “completely fine” and you “would never know they were born prematurely.” But for my family and so many others, we’ve learned that, that’s rarely the case. More times than not, life after the NICU is a struggle, with setbacks, successes, a lot of hard work, … Read More

What?! Preemie life doesn’t end after the NICU?!

I recall sitting in a private room in the NICU, a room specifically designated for the most fragile and critical cases. I remember sitting numbly in our sci-fi surroundings which housed a peculiar pod of sorts with lights and alarms sounding. I remember looking down at my belly and numbly realizing yet again that my child was no longer inside … Read More

Solo Parenting a Special Needs Child in the Midst of a Pandemic

I’m going to be very honest with you: I’m starting this blog by admitting, there’s been a lot of frozen pizzas, cereal for dinner, ice cream for breakfast and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse marathons around here as I’m learning to embrace imperfect parenting. – Jenny McCormick Having gone through 129 days in the NICU with my former 26-week micro-preemie wasn’t only … Read More