What?! Preemie life doesn’t end after the NICU?!

I recall sitting in a private room in the NICU, a room specifically designated for the most fragile and critical cases. I remember sitting numbly in our sci-fi surroundings which housed a peculiar pod of sorts with lights and alarms sounding. I remember looking down at my belly and numbly realizing yet again that my child was no longer inside … Read More

Solo Parenting a Special Needs Child in the Midst of a Pandemic

I’m going to be very honest with you: I’m starting this blog by admitting, there’s been a lot of frozen pizzas, cereal for dinner, ice cream for breakfast and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse marathons around here as I’m learning to embrace imperfect parenting. – Jenny McCormick Having gone through 129 days in the NICU with my former 26-week micro-preemie wasn’t only … Read More

Navigating the NICU Journey while Caring for Siblings at Home.

My son, DJ was just shy of 2-years old when his brother, Joshua was born prematurely at 26-weeks gestation. In that moment, life as I knew it had been thoroughly disrupted.  Our routine came to a crashing halt as all sense of normalcy flew out the window along with my sanity.  In its place, gut-wrenching fears I had never experienced … Read More