Dear NICU Mom & Dad – An Open Letter from a NICU Nurse

Dear NICU Mom and Dad, I’ve always enjoyed being in the presence of babies. Their newborn smell and sweet innocence instantly instill happiness inside my soul. One of the primary jobs I held throughout nursing school was babysitting. In my fourth semester of nursing school, I took a maternal health class and completed the maternal health clinicals. On one clinical … Read More

Preemie Story – December 2023

  Preemie’s Full Name: Ian Pryde Parent Name: Jim Pryde Gestation at Birth: (weeks) 32 Days in the NICU: 38 “Ian has remained a steadfast and dedicated human, in a rush to be born, and to achieve great things!” – Jim Pryde Ian’s Story: Ian was determined to take the world by storm, even while still in the womb. At … Read More