November 2021 – What’s New

NATIONWIDE PREMIERE OF SECOND NEONATAL ANIMATION South West charity and The NICU Foundation, launch their second animation aimed at supporting new parents as they prepare to take their baby home for the first time. The animation shares important information for parents on what they might expect as they prepare for their journey home, such as parent craft sessions, baby milestones, … Read More

November 2021 – Editor’s Note

Premature birth. Preemie. NICU. Only preemie parents understand the weight behind these words. My preemie story is just 1 out of roughly 380,000 babies born prematurely each year in the United States and tragically, an estimated 1.1 million preterm babies die every year. Every preemie story is unique, and every story needs to be honored. November is Prematurity Awareness Month … Read More

November 2021 – After the NICU

After experiencing a stay in the NICU, it is quite common for preemie parents to develop anxiety over every sniffle, cough and sneeze around their preemies during RSV and flu season, and now, with Covid-19 in the mix, this is enough to heighten our germophobic paranoia. How can you keep your preemie safe this season? Here are a few helpful … Read More